Imagine a world where you no longer have any CSS layout issues…

In this world, every layout that you ever you need is already built for you…

  • Every grid…
  • Every component layout…
  • Every way elements can be positioned…
  • Every page…

And all you have to do is copy and paste the code we provide into your project, change the content, and you’re done.

Now that’s a nice world to live in.

In CSS Layout Patterns, I aim to create this world — for you and me — so we can focus our energy on building important stuff instead of reinventing layouts all the time.

Hi, my name is Zell.

Image of Zell

I have been developing websites and apps professionally for many years.

I run a blog and I’ve written many web development courses as well.

I’m pretty good at CSS so I have the audacity to think I can resolve your CSS layout issues 🙃.

Zell is the rare sort of developer who both knows his stuff and can explain even the most technical jargon in approachable — and even fun! — ways.

I’ve taken his courses and always look forward to his writing because I know I’ll walk away with something that makes me a better front-ender.

Geoff Graham
Geoff Graham
CSS Tricks Editor

Your articles are honestly the best resources out there! They have really helped 100Devs folx understand topics that are always stumbling blocks for new devs.

Really appreciate the work you put into your content!

Leon Noel
Leon Noel
#100Devs Instructor

Zell is one of those rare people who commands tremendous knowledge and experience but remains humble and helpful.

They want you to know what they know, not just be impressed by it. In other words, Zell is a natural teacher. You’re lucky to have him because he feels lucky to be able to help you in your journey.

Heydon Pickering
Heydon Pickering
Accessibility Consultant

If you’re looking to learn JavaScript, Zell just made a new course that shows how to build 20 real components from scratch, step by step.

Zell is a really fun person too, so that helps when you’re trying to learn :)

Sarah Drasner
Sarah Drasner

Get a free layout — handmade by Zell

To make CSS Layout Patterns a reality, I’m creating a crazy challenge for myself.

The challenge goes like this:

For the whole of December 2023, I will be resolving all CSS Layout questions on this Twitter thread for 30 days straight.

If you have a CSS Layout you’d like me to help you build, go ahead and send it to me. I’ll build something for you — then include the solution in CSS Layout patterns.

It doesn’t matter whether the layout is easy or difficult — just send it over and I’ll build it for you for free.

How to preorder CSS Layout Patterns today

CSS Layout Patterns will be a library of code snippets that resolves 99.99% of all your layout issues. The idea is we can stop reinventing layouts and instead build things that are far more important.

You can preorder CSS Layout Patterns today at the following discounted prices:

  • First 200 copies: $29 (SOLD OUT)
  • Next 200 copies: $49
  • Next 200 copies and beyond: $69

CSS Layout Patterns will launch on January 31st 2024 at $99.

If you don’t feel ready to take advantage of the preorder discounts yet, feel free to leave your email below and we’ll send you a 20% discount code when we launch CSS Layout Patterns.

I’m excited to work on this product and I can’t wait to put in your (and my) hands!

Stay awesome,